Stropharia Installation in Orinda

Mycoremediation: Contructing Stropharia rugoso-annulata bunker spawn to bio-filter cattle waste on an EBMUD meadow.

IMG_2137 copyIMG_2164 copy





The group is mixing and hydrating woodchips, and then adding the mushroom spawn.

IMG_2176 copy


The inoculated woodchips are stuffed into bags and sewn shut. We then pile up the bags in the low point of the meadow
where fecal runoff from the pastured cows collects.


20140204_093032_resized copy 20140204_093049_resized copy

Two months later and the bags are bursting with fungal life!

IMG_1854 copyIMG_1857 copy


The bunker spawn is positioned to treat the drainage of the cattle field, preventing excess nutrients and bacteria from draining into the watershed, where it would disrupt fish spawning habitat and stream ecology.




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